The Yoga Bunny

ArtPrize 2017: Grand Rapids Public Museum. VOTE: 65156

Artist Statement:

The Yoga Bunny, like much of my work, represents a hunger for serenity and beauty. It is different from my other work because it’s the only piece my wife ever requested personally. As any husband will tell you, making your wife happy is a sure path to your own serenity.

The Bunny is in the Warrior One yoga pose. In silent, suspended animation, he is in harmony with nature.  He’s entered into a world of inner peace, far from anger, fear, and pain. He knows opening the senses leads to understanding. The anchor that allows him to hold the pose as long as needed is his inner peace.

Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 72

One thought on “The Yoga Bunny

  1. I saw your wonderful Yoga Bunny this weekend at Artprize. As I approached him from behind, I was immediately drawn to the wonderful colors and whimsical nature of the piece. When I was able to make my way to the front of your installation, it took my breath away. When I read the words on his large heart I was completely taken aback. It so very much reminded me of my grandson, William and his journey with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. It is very much his mantra. The fact that his pose is Warrior One is also amazing. I stood there for a very long time wondering how you could have created something so significant to those of us touched by a child with Apraxia. The fact that the last words are , I Speak, is very profound. Yoga Bunny could very well be the spoke person/mascot of Apraxia. The order of the words is such an accurate description of the journey of these children, our shining stars, our little warriors. I am not sure you can ever know how much this piece touches us. You are amazing and Yoga Bunny is such a gift.

    Although I would love to purchase Yoga Bunny, his size is a bit prohibitive. Would you ever consider making a smaller version? I would love to be able to share him with our small community and bring him to all of our awareness events.

    I am a maker, a crafter and bunnies have always been in my collections of fiber art. I am also very much a collector of art that touches me, but I have to admit that nothing has ever evoked the feelings I experienced with this piece. Thank you so much for sharing him and thanks to your wife for inspiring this piece.

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